A hot smoked catfish is an incredibly tasty and healthy dish that can vary your usual diet.
The main useful properties of the product:
- a hot- smoked catfish contains a sufficient amount of protein. This component is the main material for muscle tissue.
- fish oil contains a large amount of unsaturated fatty acids, therefore it is well absorbed by the human body and helps reduce blood cholesterol.
- minerals and vitamins contained in a catfish play an important role for human health. They normalize water balance, help strengthen bone tissue, improve the functioning of the heart and nervous systems, participate in the bleeding process and improve metabolism.
Well, one of the important piece of information is that people, who suffer from obesity, diabetes mellitus and have a sedentary lifestyle, can consume a hot smoked catfish.

Storage requirements 
Hot-smoked fish is stored within 2 or 3 days at а temperature from 0 to +5 degrees Celsius wrapped up in craft paper

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